Wednesday, 16 December 2009

oh happy days

things that made my day today :)
seeing my dad laugh at the birthday card i gave him this morning (nice people have holes in their socks).
watching a spanish film with my class & understanding quite a bit of it without the subtitles.
laughing hysterically during said film at wholly inappropriate moments.
recreating one of my "favourite scenes" from the film with my friend - we chose the bit where a boy is run over my a car - and my friend just said "ahh, un coche!" and calmly sat on the floor. it's a bit of a had-to-be-there moment, but i assure you we were all in hysterics.
going for mcdonald's as opposed to "classy food" & making friends with the order taking guy.
meeting friends accidentally.
frantically searching for candy canes for ages to no avail, before finally finding them for ridiculously cheap.
& by far my favourite thing of the day, laughing so much my face hurts, but in a good way.


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