Thursday, 24 December 2009

sherry darling

yesterday, i received a little package in the post from lady luck rules ok (a truly lovely jewellery website).
inside was a folk guitar name necklace - which i posted about waaaaay back in november.
eeep! how cute is that?
and so what if it only has 4 strings, it can be my folky bass guitar!
because it's christmas, i managed to get 25% off & a free perspex candy cane brooch!
isn't it sweet? can't wait to wear it tomorrow :)
although i am slightly bummed that we may not be going up to my auntie's this year :(
see she lives on a pretty remote little farm up near edinburgh where it's been snowing really heavily, and apparently loads of the roads are closed so we might not be able to get there. double :(
they've had about 8 inches of snow, but i'm hoping with a little bit of heat, rain, christmas magic & my dad's 4x4 we'll make it up there.
so, goodbye for now dears, from me,
paul, george, john & ringo,

and the kooks, we wish you all a very merry happy christmas!


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