Saturday, 19 December 2009

happy christmas (war is over)

starting to get into the swing of all things christmaswise recently, thank god!
yesterday my school broke up for the holidays (can i get a woop woop?) & had the most hilarious christmas carol assembly ever! basically our head of year, dave (who i'm a little bit enamoured with), organised this band together & got the school rugby team to sing sing low sweet chariot and santa baby - it was brilliant! the whole year sang the twelve days of christmas with actions. my little group got "the four calling birds" part of the song & we got very into it!
it was also a non uniform day so i took this as a perfect opportunity to wear my john & yoko war is over tshirt.
i love this tshirt, it always makes me think of their christmas song - which i listened to today, it's on my john lennon's greatest hits record.

i also wore my (homemade) dove necklace, cause obviously it goes very well with the peace theme!
today i've been really rather lazy, although i have been doing quite a bit of picture hunting for art & at one point i even went outside to take some pictures in the snow. yes, snow! fingers crossed for a white christmas! picture hunting involved looking through the very limited stack of family photos my dad has for ones of me & my grandpa (he's an artist & i'm including his work in my project). it was really nice, but a tad emotional in places.
also in my lazyness, i watched happy go lucky which i've been meaning to watch for ages & it was fantastic. i think i'm going to be exactly like poppy when i'm thirty.
time for a little festive cheer i think, so i'm off to watch love actually. classic christmas film.
ps. hello to my two new followers! pleased to make your acquaintance *handshake*


  1. Love the T-shirt. Going to have to watch those movies because I don't think I have seen them.

  2. thank youuu! oh, you totally should, they really do rock.

  3. I love it when people 'theme' their outfits. I do it too sometimes. But no one ever 'gets' it haha.


  4. ahh i know! that's always the way haha


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