Monday, 28 December 2009

music & laughter

yesterday, it was a friend's birthday so we braved the sales for a day out in town.
it was ludicrously busy so we didn't do much shopping, although i did buy rather a few CDs.
the first one i bought was dylan and the dead - a collaboration between bob dylan & the grateful dead, 2 of my favourite recording artists of all time. this is the most amazing chill out guitarry album ever, i loooove it so much!

HMV had a 2 for £20 deal on (and i had a voucher for £12, woo!) so i decided to get gossip in the grain by ray la montagne. i've been a fan of this guy for a while, but never bought more than the odd single. can't waaaaait to listen to it!

flight of the conchorrrrrrrrrrrds! i love this guys so much, they are just so funny & lovely. i bought the first album 'cause it's a bit more folky.
and i am a HUGE folk fan!
it's amusing too, what more can you want in life than folk that's funny?
i also bought the first days of spring, noah & the whale's new album. now, i haven't got their first one but i do love the few songs i've heard off it so i'm hoping this one will be goooooood.
apparently it's the story of charlie fink (the lead singer & songwriter) & laura marling's break up, and there's a film to go with it - which i am SO going to have to watch!

and finally, the complete eric clapton. i love eric, that's all there is to it.
hmmmm, i think i must have a thing for beards, cause i find all these men far too attractive for my own good!
today i watched the russell howard live DVD which i got for christmas, which was fantastically hilarious!
i also watched the DVD extras where people got to ask him one-on-one questions - my favourite bit was when somebody asked him if you could play any film role at all, what would it be and why? and he said he would play jim carrey's role in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind - which just happens to be my faaaaavourite movie of all time! are we made for each other or what?


  1. I prefer Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down to First Days Of Spring (I own both), but think the songs in the later are more refined. Shame about Laura, they sound great when they record together. Still got Johnny Flynn to work with eh? :)

  2. ooh i shall definitely have to buy that then!
    they really do, 'tis a bit of a shame i must say. oh yes, i keep meaning to have a listen to his stuff!

  3. great picks- the classics are the BEST. love your header too!
    merry christmas and happy new year!
    and gorgeouss blogg!

  4. they arrrrre! :)
    thank you, the same to you!
    *blushes* thank youuuu!


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