Sunday, 6 December 2009

kookies :)

the 6th of december last year was the first time i saw the kooks live in concert.
my friend jess & i travelled down to doncaster to see them, to put that into context, that is about a 100 mile journey. i am a huge huge huge fan of this band.
which is why i was so devastated with what happened at the concert.
basically, right before the kooks came on stage my friend passed out & shortly after so did i.
i missed like over half the concert, it just wasn't a good night at all.
so, this year we decided to do an anniversary type thing to give us a happy memory of the day & we made kooks cookies!
us posing with various kitchen acoutrements.
including jess with a tortoise pastry cutter! :O
yes, we're wearing matching tshirts.
we got them printed last year for the concert - i told you i was an uberfan!
they have kooks lyrics on them, mine says i'd like to take you out for tea & biscuits (very apt i thought!) and jess' says yes i like stormy weather, from my windowsill.

the more madly decorated ones.

jess' expertly decorated tortoise.

the special needs biscuits.

the lead singer's name.
yes, that thing underneath it is a straw hat.

hugh, the guitarist.
and, of course, a fedora.

kooks & paul the drummer boy.
these biscuits are spectacularly yummy, surprisingly as we messed up the recipe so many times & had to get my brother to save the dough - who then ruined it again!
can't wait to take these into school tomorrow :)


  1. the kooks were the first band I ever saw live on my own,
    (dating myself, this was five years ago haha)

  2. ohhh that's awesome!
    i finally meet another fan on here! :D

  3. Umm love these! Can I have the turtle one?

  4. ahh thank you!
    i'm afraid they're all eaten now though, haha!

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  7. aww thank you! i sure will visit your blog :)

  8. hahhahaha very cute!!! the turtle is the best!!

  9. ahhh thank you, my friend did the turtle one!


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