Saturday, 5 December 2009

tweeeeetie pie.

today was starving artist day.
i felt very parisian & pale, painting & collaging all day in my big artist's shirt.
it really was lovely. days like these make me want to run off to paris & leave in a one room studio flat & sit in cafes all day sketching people i see there.
woaaaah, okay, that daydream went on a little bit too long.

this is a deer necklace i got from a friend.
she was sorting out all her jewellery that she never wears any more & she thought i might like it to play around with.
i must say i do rather like this one, it makes me feel very folky.
anyways, here is the aforementioned art i was doing all day:

double page collage for my personal identity project.
so, i decided to get a twitter account today.
follow me perhaps?
i'm still trying to figure out how it works, so bear with me. it just seems like a good way to get my inane ramblings out without cluttering up this blog.


  1. oh babe, i do love ur blog!! and twitter is easy. u'll get around to it!! ill vivit more often. lovely blog!!


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