Friday, 4 December 2009

fly on little wing

can't believe i haven't posted since tuesday, yet it feels like aaaaages!
i've had so much stuff going on at the mo recently that i haven't even been able to think about blogging, let alone actually do it!
i figured i'd give you a bit of a round up of things that have been going on, sound good?
here goes.
i've had lots of art stuff to do recently & so far i have been up & down the spectrum from deliriously happy with my work to borderline wanting to rip my hair out i'm so angry.
anyway, today i found some pieces of a shattered mirror (bad luck, i know) & decided to take some pictures of myself in it.
this is the best one i think, one of my friends took this.
i've just realised, the weird things in my hair are off the native american headdress thing my other friend whacked on my head!
schoolwork's been pretty manic, so thankfully i had 3 frees today where i played cards :)
also, i had my grade 2 guitar exam on monday...

...which i just found out today i got a merit in!
i put this down to the jimi hendrix tshirt i was wearing for the exam, obviously his spirit helped me through it ;)

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