Tuesday, 22 December 2009

simply having a wonderful christmas time

last night was my christmas ball, it was amaaaazing!
i had such a good night!
gluing my friend's eyelids together with false eyelashes.
falling over my heels in the snow.
bonding over classic songs at our pre-christmas meeting.
twisting & shouting in the back of the car to the beatles.
accidentally flashing my underwear at my friend's dad getting out the car :S
getting far too into don't stop believing by journey.
getting carried away with the air guitarring.
having the most hilarious time dancing to music i'd normally avoid like the plague.
laughing generally too much.
the drama of it all!
sadly, i didn't take many photos, this is the only one i have with meeee in it.
with my aweesome friend kate who i spent most of the evening dancing like a maniac & being hilariously (and *ahem* uncharacteristically) bitchy with.
we look a tad deranged in this photo, but i think that's what forced smiles do to you.


  1. Aaawww that sounds like so much fun!! I myself have been known to get far too into "don't stop believing" as well ;)

  2. it really was! haha, good to see i'm not the only one! it's so goooood :)


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