Thursday, 12 November 2009

folk it up baby

arghhh my internet is being quite ridiculously slow tonight so i can't do the post i was going to, which was about a concert i went to last night.
hopefully it'll be working properly soon so i can put my pictures up, it was a really awesome night so i need to document it somehow.
a lovely email i got this evening was from lady luck rules ok, a jewellery & craft website which i just adorrrre, about their new folk inspired jewellery collection.
i am a rather huge folk fan (bob dylan? joan baez? laura marling? oh, yes please) so this was a pretty pleasant surprise.
this folk guitar name necklace (there's a brooch version too) is my favourite, i think it will be finding its way onto my christmas list!
(even though it only has four strings, grrrrr. is it just me that hates little inaccuracies like that?)
i just love these darling little fawn brooches.

to quote the bob;
love - zero/no limit
(it's a fraction guys. who knew a songwriting genius would be so into maths?)


the wrote and the writ.