Monday, 30 August 2010

the thoughts of mary jane

- scheduled post -
i will be away until 4th of september
i've been on a bit of an ebay bender recently, most of my new clothes in the last month appear to have come from there! anyway, i think i have found the most lovely blouse ever, & it only cost me £3 including postage.
*happy face*
it's soo lovely! it has gorgeous frills, & is very floaty but still has a nipped in waist. it has a really pretty paisley pattern too which has lots of colours that i can match with other items. the only thing that's a little bit wrong with it is that it's a bit see through at the back, which might be a bit of a problem if i want to wear it to school.
blouse - primark via ebay, skirt - topshop, flower hairclip - h&m, badge - beatles store.
i wasn't too sure what to wear the blouse with, as it's very (in the words of my mother) sweet, & i don't have that many things in my wardrobe that would match without making the look a bit too twee. i like the skirt with it though, as i think the overall shape looks slightly like a tea dress. but then that's just my silly imagination!
this look also makes me feel very girly, with all the fabric floating around. in fact, it makes me feel like someone from a nick drake song (:
i had to add a badge as i felt it was a bit of a bare outfit otherwise, especially as a necklace would have been overkill with all the frills.
hope you're all having a lovely end-of-summer!


  1. Gorgeous pattern! Maybe you could wear a silky singlet top thing of a similar color underneath it to make it school appropriate?

  2. eeek, that blouse and skirt are far too lovely :) <3

  3. only £3!? what a bargain, it's so feminine.

  4. i do love your frilly blouse! :)
    it really is lovely!

  5. that dress is so lovely, i love the ruffles .. so beautiful!


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