Sunday, 1 August 2010

and sweet marie who waits for me

i just got back from my auntie's wedding yesterday, which was a two day event at their farm just outside of edinburgh. it was a really lovely day, & everyone was really happy & stuff (obviously) & there were many amusing moments. i met so many family members that i never even knew i had, second cousins, great aunts, cousins once removed! in fact, there was so many of us that the photographer had to break out the huge wide angle lens to fit us all in the photograph! i also got to see my family from australia who i haven't seen for six years, so that was really amazing.
this is the arch they got married under, my granny grew all the flowers & they put everything together themselves! i thought it was so cute that they decided to have the ceremony at their home.
i didn't take any pictures of the actual ceremony, but here is one from their dance routine. oh, which was to is this the way to amarillo? by tony christie. never let it be said that my family doesn't have a sense of humour.
how cute are the favours?! they were all handmade as well, by my long-suffering cousins. it's a little shortbread biscuit, which i don't think you can really see, that was lovely.
the homemade table decorations.
so, this is what i wore for the wedding! the dress is from dorothy perkins, the necklace & the hairbow were made by me & the tights are from primark.
the light on this one is a bit weird, but you can still kind of see the dress i hope!
i was sharing a hotel room with my brother for the night (which was thrilling) so i only had a few minutes while he was in the bathroom to take outfit photos.
here is the back of the dress. no, it isn't just an oops-i-forgot-to-look-at-the-camera moment.
i love the fabric of this dress, it's so swishy & awesome. i pretty much fell in love with it as soon as i saw it.
my shoes, avec the DIY ribbon ties, in more detail. you can see the tights a bit clearer too, the brother said i looked like i had warts all over my legs. seriously, that boy's a charmer.
of course, i couldn't leave the boy out! here's my brother's outfit for the day, or what i could get of it (he's a little camera shy).
i'm going away on wednesday to london for a few days, so i will try to schedule some posts for then. i knowwww i haven't put up my surprise yet because i get very distracted & i want to actually do it justice, but i do sincerely spologise because i promised i'd post it about a week ago!


  1. Can I steal your shoes? xD

    The wedding looks like it was a blast. Hope you have fun in London!

  2. charlotte, you look so pretty! that dress is gorgeous :)
    i love weddings like this! only been to one before, i got a handmade heart biscuit thing with my name on too! so cute :)

  3. I love how you personalised your shoes and wore them with those stockings. I wanted a dress from Topshop that had a cutout like yours but I couldn't figure out what to wear underneath (TMI?) so I passed.

    Your hair style really makes me want to get a perm. I've got short hair which curls only when it's about to rain but I want it curly every day! :D

    A from A + B in the Sea

  4. thank you everyone (:

    arnique - i know what you mean, there was much deliberation over the cutout & then i figured, oh well, it shouldn't be that much of a deal!
    aww, thank you.

  5. Everything looks so beautiful. Your outfit is absolutely lovely, and really perfect for summer wedding.


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