Wednesday, 4 August 2010

shake, rattle & roll.

- scheduled post -
i am away in london until the 9th of august
my friend joanna & i went to town yesterday (which is like, 2 days ago because hopefully this is posting on the 4th) to wander round some shops, & joanna showed me this vintage clothes shop she found called attica vintage.
this is the upstairs of the shop, which was lovely.

they also sold furniture & home furnishings & things. there was this table that i basically fell in love with, it was glass & had illustrations of musical instruments all over it. alas, it was almost £75 & unless i go back with either of the parents there's no way i'm getting it.
there were old photographs of musicians, actors & actresses everywhere which was so amazing. the beatles kept popping up a lot of the time too, which is always lovely.
the fitting rooms. oh, and us as well!
joanna's nail varnish matches the dress! how very serendipitous.
who could that be awkwardly holding a fur coat? oh, i think it just might be me.
there was a music shop just opposite from attica which looked really good, although we didn't stay long. they had lots of vinyl which i may have to go back to look through, i found a bob dylan bootleg album which looked really good, only it was £69! sheesh, i think i need to win the lottery soon. they had signed pictures up as well, which was really awesome as they had some from the kooks & jamie t.
after shopping, we went to have a bite to eat at the american diner (another of joanna's finds!)

which has pictures of 50s icons all over the walls; marilyn monroe, elvis, james dean & more.

we had icecream sundaes, joanna's is the chocolate on the left & mine is the honey nut thing on the right.
i actually finished it! i am very proud of this achievement.

say hello to james dean's crotch.
the jailhouse rock elvis photograph in the bathroom. this is the only photograph that i took by the way, the rest can all be credited to joanna.
joanna's present to me, which makes me very happy (:
i do love a good bit of john lennon impersonation


  1. wow, that shop looks awesome :D id love to own a vintage boutique in the future hehe :)
    have fun in london! make sure you check out brick lane, oxford street and camden market (Y)

  2. Have I ever told you how jealous I am of you? In general? We have nothing that cool as that vintage shop!

    Hope you're having tons of fun!

  3. Oh I love pictures of vintage stores! When a store it self is pretty I'm so much more inspired to shop there.

    Nice blog

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal


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