Friday, 13 August 2010

to dress extravagantly

hey! (:
i'm doing this like post more often thing, it's cool & I LIKE IT.
sorry, i'm writing this at like half past midnight after watching harry potter (the half blood prince, oh yeaah) so my thoughts are kinda scrambled right now. i'm scheduling this 'cause i've got family coming until saturday so i can't post until then, & i actually have a huuuge list of things i want to post about. so yeah, apologies for the rambling that shall no doubt fill this post.
henceforth i shall commence my list of purchases from londinium!
i bought this dress at spitalfields market, & i kind of love it. although i really should stop buying so much blue.
it's kind of unlike anything else i own, as i don't have many floral things or *ahem* low-cut-y things.
i do like it though, it has a kick ass bow at the back.
points for the messy bed in the background.
what's that i can hear you crying? "ohmygod, more beatles things?! will this girl never stop!?"
in a word; no.
adding two more; i won't!
from the british music experience, i bought two postcards - a sgt pepper era one of the beatles & a john lennon imagine one. i also got a couple badges, the mod one & a hey jude/revolution beatles single cover one.
yes, i know i go overboard with beatles information. deal.
purchases from the imperial war museum! now, i actually really don't like seeing things about war (surprise!) or the army but this place was quite good.
the badge was an impulse buy at the desk, i own far too many badges. i need to get myself a dashing jacket & emblazon them about it joe strummer style. or like effy from skins, if you didn't get that reference.
i bought some postcards; a 1940s lady, a keep calm & carry on one & one that says "to dress extravagantly in war time is worse than bad form it is unpatriotic".
that last one makes me laugh, i just feel it's pretty arrogant.
on the last day of the trip, i met up with my cousin & we went around spitalfields market together, which was possibly the coolest place in existence. i do wish i'd gone to brick lane though, maybe next time.
besides the dress, i bought a pocket watch thing, which i think is actual vintage! although i can't be sure as it was cheap if its real. it's a bit broken though & i can't figure out how to set it to the right time. i need to get padre on the job to fix it.
i also bought this really cute bow! they had loads & i couldn't make up my mind which one to buy, but in the end this turquoise beauty stole my heart. just look at that lace! LOOK AT IT.
when you're done looking at the lace, you could have a look at these lovely flowery buttons i bought at the same stall as that beautiful lacy object.
i think they're pretty darn cute, & i really want to use them for making some jewellery soon, but i don't quite know what for yet.


  1. I love everything you bought. Also, this post made me want to listen to John Lennon I'm now swaying and singing to love :')


  2. that bow is beautifulllll :D and so are the buttons :)
    wish i had time to go to spitafields when my family went down to london

  3. did you get the pocket watch off of the women who sell lotttsss of jewellery on a thurs antiques day? very cute buttons too! :) xox

  4. love the bow hairband :) x

  5. your fashion is such as dream !! :)
    i love the sweet blue color !

  6. Love the gorgeous print on your dress.
    Cute blog


  7. Bows, floral, The Beatles & Harry Potter; 4 things you can never have enough of! I love the pocket watch.

  8. Cool stuff. You look amazing in that outfit too!


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