Wednesday, 11 August 2010

cemeteries of london

while in london, i got the chance to do a bit of sight-seeing from the "comfort" of an open top bus. i know, i know i'm a shameful tourist. but it was actually really fun! it was kind of nice to see all the famous buildings without having to walk around a LOT & it was quite educational, actually.
i took quite a lot of photographs, most of which came out really dark for some reason. i don't think my camera likes its "landscapes & scenic shots" mode. or any of the other modes for that matter. but anyway, these are some of my favourite shots of the holiday, there are also some from the v&a & a few from our ferry boat ride to the o2 (where we visited the british music experience exhibition, which was unbelievably incredible, but more about that later!).
i am actually supremely pleased with this photograph. don't ask me why, it's probably not even that good.
hey, you know what this house is?
excitement over.
just to clarify; i'm not trying to show myself off as being an amazing photographer by posting pictures at weird angles & things, that's just the angle i was sitting at.
oh, and i think it looks pretty rad.
i actually don't know what this building is, the houses of parliament maybe?
tower bridge!
this photo would kick ass if it wasn't for the freaking scaffolding.
reason no. 146 to hate builders.
oh, hello attractive stranger who decided to interrupt my achingly hipster photograph of the clouds!

jimi hendrix, playing guitar with his teeth! i love this man, so much.
me & mother spent about half an hour frantically searching for this exhibition at the v&a (photographs of musicians backstage at top of the pops throughout 62-70something) after my mum told me she'd seen a picture of jimi on the website. it took a while, but by god we found it.
that exhibition was a bit strange actually, it wasn't totally clear what it was about & for some reason there was a rhino costume right in the middle of it all.
i love street humour.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOO! * ^ *
    All of these are trully AMAZING!
    Those buildings are tremendously gorgeous...! Pure beauty everywhere...! Ò u Ó

    I'm jealous now * ~ *

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  2. the architecture of those buildings look amazing. love love love :)

  3. Wow lovely architecture and detail shots!!! The second shot is fabulous indeed, and as much as I blush to admit this as someone that used to live in London as a child, I've forgotten quite how much some of London really does look like how Tim Burton recreates London in Sweeney Todd :P

  4. wowww ahh i want to go so badly!

  5. I love your photos :) I'm so jealous that you went to the Beatles' house! x


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