Saturday, 7 August 2010

brown paper packages tied up with string

- scheduled post -
i am away in london until the 9th of august.
last week, i was tagged by both JC & amber for a favourite things award, where i have to list some of my favourite things with some photographs. thanks to both of you, it is very much appreciated.
my favourite things right now;
reading about my favourite people in music magazines.
this is an old mojo edition about the beatles from 2006, i've been buying loads off ebay recently.
finding inspiration for art.
beautiful photographs, lovely outfits & interesting articles.
making jewellery.
i haven't done this in so long, i really miss it.

watching the rain.
i know it's summer right now & i should probably be hating on all the rain, but the truth is i actually don't like summer very much. i really prefer autumn & spring, where it's warm but not stupidly hot & everything isn't built up so much.
my new way of hanging clothes.
i just think it looks pretty, basically.
now, i think i'm supposed to pass this on to something like seven blogs, but i'm just going to pass this on to one; and that is amy at the lonely teapot
(also, because this is a scheduled post, i'll leave a comment giving the award after i get back)


  1. aww, you have such pretty favourite things!
    your handmade jewellery is so cute!! very japaneasy :)
    i like rain too, it sounds lovely, hahaha! i wish there was more space in my room to hang my clothes :(

  2. oh, such a lovely little list!

  3. Oh wow thank you so much for the award! This looks like a fun blog post for me to do, I'll have to get thinking of ideas! :)
    I love watching the rain also, I thought I was the only one!



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