Wednesday, 18 August 2010

awake my soul

results day tomorrow, i'm pretty cool about it.
hdgdhkdksjdkodlsdldffkgldfkglfgdl NOT.
good luck to anybody out there who is awaiting their results (as or a2 levels), i hope you get what you want (:
me & my friends are hoping to meet up after ours in the local park, provided everyone feels up for it.

anyway, i just wanted to update you all on a new dress i bought recently. it's from ebay via primark, & cost me about £6. i actually adore it, even though it's very different from what i normally wear, ie. it's black. i never wear black. seriously, it's like i'm allergic to it.

note the facial expression showing my disdain for results day.
i wore this dress to go out for a picnic with my friends on monday, which was very lovely (even though i got sunburnt on my elbow! i know, my sensitivity to sunlight amazes me sometimes). we had an awesome day, being extremely childish as ever.
i really like the pattern on this dress, floral isn't something i wear a lot - not through choice, i just don't own many flowery items, but happily that seems to be changing as of late! yay! i just wore it with black opaque tights, although i think it would go quite nicely with some pink or maybe cream ones, what do you think?
this is my new favourite jewllery of the moment, my miniature harmonica necklace - which actually works! and yes, i was playing it at opportune moments all day. my friend joanna & i received one each as a gift from dolls & molls for helping out with, well, you'll just have to wait & see! muaha, i'm such a tease!
just showing off my amazing harmonica skillzzz. i could so be in an alternative folk band! marcus mumford, johnny flynn, give me a call ;)
edit: i'm a bit of a banana & forgot to say before, but i'm going away on holiday to spain as of the 21st, so won't be around to reply to any comments unfortunately. i will be scheduling a couple of posts though, so all is not lost!


  1. I love the dress, it looks so pretty on you :D Hope the results are good - scrap that - they will defi be good x

  2. :o :o
    Is the thing you helped out with for Dolls & Molls (which I checked out, it's pretty rad) the same surprise? I'm even more intrigued!
    Good luck with your results!

  3. thank you both!
    yess it is the same surprise, but i've been very disorganised regarding posting it! all will be revealed after i come back from my holiday.

  4. I love that dress, it really suits you! I think it looks good with black tights :) Oh and good luck with your results, I did As art so I've got mine tomorrow too :/ x

  5. Don't we all wish that supermarket thing was plausible :) Did i mention I like the dress too?

  6. That necklace is amazing!! Where did you purchase it from? xox

  7. i hope you got what you wanted for results charlotte!
    that dress is beaut, and the harmonica neckless is awesome!!!! asif it actually works! haha

  8. thank youu!
    the necklace is from
    & it really does work!

  9. that is such a lovely dress :)


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