Tuesday, 7 September 2010

viva la vida (or death and all his friends)

holaaa! as you can see, i have now returned from spain!
i must apologised for the slightly delayed post (i arrived back on saturday), there was a bit of a water/laptop incident but it's all sorted now!
thank you for all the lovely comments while i was away, i shall reply to all of the soon & wrap up the giveaway post soon! unfortunately, my camera got a bit of sand in the lens while i was on holiday & doesn't work any more (although i'm getting it fixed tonight!) so sadly new photographs on my posts might be a bit thin on the ground from here on in. not to worry though, i have plenty of things to post about anyway! beginning with a few holiday snaps that i was able to take;

the view from our little residence

our friend the gecko.
the underground caves we visited one day.
we also visited the pablo picasso museum in malaga while we were there, which was really amazing. i'm not a huge fan of picasso's work, but i respect him huge amounts. there were quite a few sketches of his that i found very interesting, because he could actually draw. i know that sounds a bit silly, but i didn't realise how good he was at just drawing - i mean, you'd never guess from his paintings that he could recreate the human form so well. i managed to spend nearly 8 euros on postcards of his work!
tomorrow is my first day back at school & i haven't done all the work i was supposed to, eek! goodbye until next time (:


  1. haha, yeah that's whats everyones like on their first day back :P
    i am in love with spain :D just everything about it, if you ever go again i would recommendd andalucia-especially seville, cordoba and RONDA(BEAUTIFUL!!!)

  2. oh, i'm so jealous right now, i'd love to go to spain :)
    the first picture took my breath away, it's beautiful. i love the mellow colors of the sky over the buildings... xx

  3. such pretty photos! i'd love to visit spain.


    Everything looks SO amazing! Especially the underground cave. I mean, that's JUST INCREDIBLE. I also like the Gecko. Hehe. Whenever I think of Gecko, I think of Telus...



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