Sunday, 22 August 2010

love first, questions later

- scheduled post -
i will be on holiday until 4th september
it's been a while since i last did a post that was completely verbal, sans pictures & solely about what was on my mind at any given time. i find this a little bit weird, as this was originally what i intended my blog to be for, & i've been very conscious lately of my terrible ability to have to post regularly and that i have to be interesting. and just recently i've been thinking; wait, what? i shouldn't be concerned about whether people will find what i post interesting, i find it interesting & this is my blog. this is not a dig at my followers or the blogging community in any way (without sounding too corny, i think you are all wonderful), but i'd quite like to take a step back & become more relaxed about what i post here. i'm not saying i'll stop posting, no way no how, but i'd like to share things from my life too, not just my wardrobe.
also, for a while i had been thinking of what to do for celebrating getting to 50 followers - which by the way i still find totally astounding & i seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for (what was that about not being corny again?) - but now it appears *gasp* that number just kept on creeping up to 60!
now, i see myself as a bit of a pensioner (old man's taste in music & books, crazy old lady's taste in clothes & everything else) so 60 seems to be the perfect number for a celebration, right? i'm going to have a think for what i can buy/make for a giveaway, but in the meantime you can all have a chance to ask me some questions here & i'll answer them truthfully in another post (or possibly a video if you're lucky).
feel free to ask as many as you want, you can ask them on this post or on my tumblr & even anonymously if you'd like! (please ask within reason though, i won't answer anything that is tooo personal, sorry)
hope this is something nice for you all (:


  1. Haha, you old 'pensioner' :) I have a question - What is your favourite item of clothing? x

  2. this may be very hard (i know it would be for me, at least) but which is your favourite beatles song, and why? <3

  3. This might be tricky, I couldn't answer it myself but: what is your main reason or reasons for blogging and why did you start your blog? x

  4. AW, I know what you mean - sometimes I get caught up in blogging and getting the right amount of followers/ comments/ etc etc that I forget that I started the blog just for ME. And to express my thoughts/ outfits/ rambles/ creations etc.

    Anywhoo, QUESTION: Where do you see yourself in five years?


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