Thursday, 26 August 2010

isabella necessary

- scheduled post -
i will be on holiday until 4th of september
seeing as i'm currently away on holiday, i thought i would make at leats one of my scheduled posts holiday themed. so, without further ado, here are my holiday essentials.
number one; skincare.
i have dry skin & on holiday with all the sun & sea water it can tend to dry out even more, so i always pack a good, light moisturiser & some handcream. of course, suncream is a must! generally i wear factors 30-40 as i have very pale skin, factor 20 (as shown here) is for those cloudy days. face wipes i think are always good to have too, especially as i can't really be bothered with a proper routine on holiday.

number two; hair products
for me, dry hair shampoo is an absolute godsend! i wash my hair every day on holiday anyway, but it's nice just to give your hair a bit of a lift after a long day. i always pack plenty of hairgrips & bobbles too, especially as my hair looks unbelievably unpresentable in the heat (serious frizz issues people).
number three; electrical equipment
it is the most frustrating thing when you go away to find that you're left your charger for your camera at home. this has happened to me several times, & i was not at all happy. now i'm making sure i pack them, so as to avoid any frustration!

number four; jewellery & accessories
i am a major overpacker. seriously, it is so so difficult for me to pack light! it's very annoying to because i rarely ever wear any jewellery, & i never wear about half of the clothes i take with me. this is the only jewellery i'm allowing myself to take with me this year - two pairs of earrings (one stud pair & one dangly), three necklaces, two changeable chains & two pendants & two bracelets. i'm also taking a few flowers & ribbons for my hair.


  1. Have a nice time on holiday! And I love all your jewellery :) x

  2. Have a lovely holiday, hope you come back with lots of awesome photos to share!

  3. I love your jewelry. Especially the pinapple.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal


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