Monday, 26 July 2010

you've torn your dress, your face is a mess

la la laaa. hello again everyone, how are you?
i seem to have forgotten how to behave in the holidays it's been so long since i've had a proper one. i got up at nine this morning, nine.
i tend to post a bit more in the holidays (which is good for you guys, i hope) & i'll probably update or schedule posts for the award and, of courrrse, the mystery-surprise-thing.
um, anyway, to the crux of the matter. this is my outfit from yesterday;
i'm wearing the grey tights from yesterday's post which you can't really see unfortunately. i actually love them, even though my brother said they made me "look like a zombie". cheers bro.

i still feel a bit weird posting outfit pictures, because i don't often like pictures of myself. i mean, it's easier when i can edit them myself & choose what side of myself to show the camera, but i still hate looking at the camera, which is why you never see my eyes.
i feel like i always do this self-deprecating spiel whenever i post photographs of myself, so i apologise if i bore you! i don't mean to prattle on, but i don't want it to seem like i'm hugely big-headed & adore my own appearance.
that said, i don't hate it, i just dislike the way i look in most photographs.
playsuit - vintage (ebay), shirt - primark, tights - primark, necklace - made by me, bracelet - gift, watch - gift

to break the rather serious tone i may have inadvertantly created, here is a shot of me dancing to rebel rebel by david bowie. thought an action shot of me dancing like i think i'm one of the isley brothers might entertain (:


  1. I adore the playsuit! Slightly jealous!

  2. That playsuit is the cutest thing and the color of it goes so beautifully with your pale pink button up shirt, lovely!
    And I know what you mean about not looking at the camera, I always do the same thing when I take blog photos because I hate pictures of myself so much..

  3. haha i'm the same! i hate alot of photos of myself and feel so weird using the self timer :P you look cool though (Y) :P

  4. Love your playsuit it is so unusual and I love how you styled it I have 3 brothers so I know what there comments can be like guys just dont get it xoxo

  5. I love the way you tied your shirt up - it's adorable, and very 50s.

    P.S. Rebel is a fantastic, fantastic song.

  6. this outfit is just the cutest thing!! so vintage :)
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog ♥

  7. you have a very cutesy fashion sense!
    i like it x

  8. I dig the print mixing and color combo here.


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