Sunday, 22 November 2009

an education

gosh, it's been a while since my last post.
it was children in need on friday so our school had a non uniform day with a spotty theme. a few people dressed up in costumes, as you can see above, to raise money.
i've just realised it must look like i always wear that skirt on here, but i assure you i do have other clothes.
yesterday, myself & a few friends went out to the cinema to watch an education.
it was a pretty good film, although it did get a bit weird in places, partly because the older man wasn't really hot enough & it just ended up getting a liiiiittle bit odd.
the sixties wardrobe was amazing, these were my two favourite outfits of the film.

see what i mean? he just wasn't hot enough to pull off the role.
this dress was my absolute favourite, apparently all the clothes in the film were genuine vintage clothes.
the dad was the funniest thing in the film though, he had some absolute classic quotes!
it was quite an eventful day, first i went into town myself to do a bit of art shopping but i was very disappointed with the things i found so i stormed off to h&m because i had money burning a hole in my pocket. i bought some pretty fingerless gloves (which i will post pictures of some time) so i can work my ipod on the way to school but still with warm hands.
then, when i met up with my friends, we discovered that the film was an hour earlier than we thought so we had no time to eat - which resulted in the buying of all sorts of unhealthy things & the sneaking of chinese food into the cinema.
it was all in all a very amusing day, as we got the giggles at various inappropriate moments in the film.
i also got very excited when the trailer for the new john lennon film came on screen - i just cannot wait for that to come out!


  1. Hee, hee Ive never snuck Chinese food into the theater, kudos - I will try this sometime :) Love the fashion in this movie, gorgeous dresses!

  2. you should! it's very fun :)
    they are looovely.

  3. omggggggggggg i love those hairdos soooo elegant, you have such a cute outfit!!!

  4. they are gorgeous!
    ohh thank you :)


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