Friday, 27 November 2009


i have felt sooooo ill recently it's kind of ridiculous, but today i was trying to be positive because i have got my self a newwww haircut!
*cheesy grin*
now let's recap, this is the old 'do.
flat, dull & growing out - i think you'll agree.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's the new one!
eeep! i laaaav it!
it's so curly & volumey, FINALLY my hairdresser cut it how i wanted it!
(dodgy pose i know, but i have nowhere else to put the camera)
close up of those ringlets of mine.
i used to really, and i mean really, hate my hair, but now it's my favourite thing about myself.
it has a mahoooosive amount of hairdressery products in it at the moment (wax, mousse, hairspray, you know the drill) mind, so i need to give it a good purge. i do love it though, it's so much more effortless - i can literally get up & do nothing to it.

it's my brother's (and my god, jimi hendrix's) birthday today so me & the family went out for a curry, which was pretty lovely.
i really should be going to bed seeing as i only managed to get 4 hours sleep last night : but there's a collection of relaxing documentaries on about johnny cash, who i just adore, so i may have to stay up for that.
ohhhh he just did a duet with bob dylan! ♥


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