Thursday, 19 November 2009

hair bear bunch

i've been thinking of ways to perk up my hair as it has been driving me insaaane recently (see the post below) so i bought these lovelies off

i am a bit of a bow fiend so add some sequins & well, you'll have to hold me back because there's no way i'm letting them get away.

i was quite tempted by this vintage looking flower headband, but i'm not quite sure about the whole it-goes-around-your-head-not-on-top-of-it thing. i don't really think my hair would suit it, but i may just buy it & stick it on a clip cause i do love the sequinyness.

i like the feather one too, it's just so colourful & awesome.


  1. thank youuu!
    i think they are so cute.

  2. I am working on growing my hair out....ugh! The growing out process is always a pain! I jsut adore those sequin bows...I may need to get some!

  3. i know what you mean, it takes forever!
    thanks, they are loooovely.


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