Sunday, 1 November 2009

hallowe'en; part two

in the evening, i had another hallowe'en evening which was a bit bizarre (must be the spirits twisting things hmm?), it was me, a friend of mine & some a collection of friends of friends who i'd never met before.
it was quite amusing though.
it was a little bit chillier outside so i swapped the skirt for some trousers & a different tshirt.
just a quick photo as the light was fading.
cardigan - h&m, £9.99
tshirt - a christmas present from my sister
trousers - h&m, £14.99
close up of the shirt, i do absolutely love it. it goes with practically anything because of all the different colours in it.

tonight i made some jewellery (which i have really really missed doing!) from some hallowe'eny creature things i got from a friend.
this is kelly the skeleton, she's very pleased to meet you.

this is the bat necklace i made for my friend (the one who gave me the creatures in the first place).
i kind of wish i had dressed up for hallowe'en this year, it makes me feel too grown-up to be in normal clothes on all hallows eve!


  1. I love your Beatles shirt! where did you get it?!!!
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  2. thank you all so much! i'm happy people like them :)
    ohh thank you for following, that's great!

  3. love the cardi!

  4. thank youu! i am rather in love with it myself.


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