Sunday, 1 November 2009

hallowe'en; part one

happy belated hallowe'en everyone!
my picnic was lovely, although i can't get any photos on here because my computer is being a bit difficult, so it's just an outfit post for now.
my face is a tad sickening in this picture.
nothing new outfitwise apart from my flowery shoes which arrived on friday much to my excitement.
tshirt - ebay, 99p
cardigan - h&m, £9.99
skirt - topshop, £10
tights - no idea, i think they were a gift from the mother
flower in hair - h&m, £1.99 for two
vintage necklace - 50p
i do love this skirt, i think it translates from summer to autumn quite well.

the shoes!

oh, i love them so much.

these are the cakes i bought for our picnic, they were so lovely!
i had about three today because we had lots left over.

they had the cutest little star, pumpkin & bat shaped sprinkles on, just lovely.

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