Friday, 13 November 2009

travelling like the light

yay! my internet is now being less slow & horrible today my photos are uploading pretty much without incident.
this may be a bit of a photo heavy post actually, but here goes.
on wednesday night i went to a concert with my friend (and then met up with a couple of friends when we got there) to see vv brown. if you haven't heard of her, which i suspect most people haven't because she is rather undeservedly unknown, i strongly recommend you look her up. her music is like retro pop with a bit of an indie twist, she's got a very soulful voice too.
that's t'outfit above, nothing new just reshuffled.

this was her first support act, jade brown. i have a bit of an inkling that she & vv (real name vanessa) are related somehow because, well, they share last names, and she was selling vv tshirts after the gig (one of which i bought, photos to followww!).

the second support act were called the stow, and they were actually really good! i didn't think i would like them cause i'm not reaaally that into hiphoppy type music, but they had some great songs & were rather amusing with their danceyness.
the lead singer, the dude with his hood up, and the drummer were pretty hot too, which is always a bonus.
the girls had some pretty awesome dress sense too, i saw a sequined blazer & a lovely swing vest top going on there.

she came on in this mask, how bloody amazing is that?
this photo isn't mine - i found it on flickr - as sadly mine went all weird & blurry.
it was such an amazing set, she was so full of energy!
i definitely need to go & buy her album, i felt like such a non-fan only knowing 4 of her songs!
she did a lovely acoustic version of crying blood on her one stringed guitar called stringy which is apparently what she wrote her entire album with.
i do quite love her jumpsuit, it had big shoulders & sparkly bits round the neckline.

she disappeared halfway throught the set & came back with a parasol, a proper japanese paper one.

my faaaavourite photo of the night :)

tambourine time!

she got up on the speakers at the end of the show, it was so awesome.


  1. I have a parasol too :) I feel closer to celebrity now :) lulz

  2. haha! wish i had one!
    thank youuuuuuuuu xx


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