Wednesday, 25 November 2009

are you an affectionless psychopath?

today i went to a psychology conference with my school, it was actually really interesting.
it was basically a lecture about affectionless psychopathy, criminology & why criminals do the things they do.
the first woman speaker was really interesting, she was talking about early experiences & how they can shape the things you do in life (like we're doing in psych at the moment). she was also talking about the "psychopath test" & what affectionless psychopaths behaviour is, which i actually found really really fascinating.
there were also a couple of criminal speakers who were really eye-opening, one of them was clearly a psychopath (in the correct terminology, not in an insulting way) & the other guy was very surprisingly a murderer.
i say surprisingly because he was the guy leading the talk & he seemed very, well, normal.
it was such a good day, i had candyfloss too :)


  1. haha I remember a similar lecture when I did psychology A-level!


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