Friday, 19 March 2010


today was a bit of a blast, i only really had one lesson (english, the teacher's rather mean) & did arrrrrrt all day which was actually awesome! i managed to finish my chalk drawing of a girl looking out a car window, which, if i do say so myself, looks quite good. i really love art at the moment, i wish i had more time to concentrate on it. but, oh yes, i have 3 mock exams next week which are clearly not going to let me do that, sigh.
in my last lesson of the day, my friend made me a groovy little woodblock etching laser cut thing which i think i may add a bead or some form of ribbony business to make a necklace.
isn't it sweet? imagine by john lennon has to be one of my favourite songs ever, the lyrics just mean so much to me.
after schoolio, we went to racquet club, which was quite humourous. i actually didn't even play badminton at all, i just ran around taking pictures, spun around in circles & took pictures.
what a facial expression.
skirt swishing time!
you can kind of see the hearts on my tights in this picture, the new ones i bought at the weekend.
see, just look at the way i am masterfully clutching that racquet.
yeah, i could totally be a badminton genius if i wanted to be.
obviously, we felt the need to do some carlton-from-the-fresh-prince-of-belair dancing.
'cause clearly, it's not unuuuuuuusual!
as it was sport relief day today, our school had a "sports themed" non-uniform day & basically i own nothing sports related as frankly i think the clothes are ugly & see no reason for them. so, as i compromise i wore my brother's old converse, because they are fairly sportsyish aren't they?
oh! i completely & utterly forgot to post a picture of this yesterday;
i bought this cute eiffel tower ornament in a charity shop yesterday (after my printing excursion) for just £1! i want to fill my room with little things like this, & this paris baby goes right next to my growing collection - this consists of my mini buddha statue & jimi hendrix snowglobe.


  1. oh wow! love your outfit! ha.
    it's amazing! and love your lyrics tab
    john lennon-imagine. love it!

  2. thank you (:
    yessss, such a good song!

  3. hahaha! if you're going to play badminton-play it in style! i love it!

  4. definitely my philosophy!
    thank you :D

  5. cute stuff, i have that cardigan too! you wear it so well with the adorable skirt :-)

  6. thank you!
    ooh yay, it is an awesome cardigan (:


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