Friday, 12 March 2010

a hard day's photography

here, as requested, are the rest of my photos for my art.
but shhhh, let's just keep this to ourselves, okay? cause i kiiiind of didn't get permission, oopsies *^-^*
i'm really pleased with the way these turned out, i'm really not a genius at photography or editing, but i managed to get through it quite well which i'm rather happy about.
this has to be one of my favourite shots. it took forever to get them all in a line like this, the windows in our school's courtyard have an awkward windowsill which got in the way, & then there was the hassle of getting them up to that height! eventually, we used this door. actually, it was rather serendipitous as i think it mirrors the train door in the beatles' photo quite well.
this is my absolute faaaaaaaaaavourite photo of the lot!
i used a "cinematic" filter in photoshop, & i think this worked to enhance the truly effing gorgeousness of the light reflection on the window. i love their facial expressions in this too.
just as a reminder, this is the kind of look i was going for. i think i've kind of captured it, but the effect is different.
to get a different angle on the beatles' vibe, i chose to take some single shots of some of my female friends.
this one is truly hilarious, no?
comedy facial expressions-a-go-go, obviously.
a colour photograph for a change! this one has a slightly creepy feel to it, & what's more i think i may be in love with the cinematic filter!
i really really love this one!
i was going to draw a couple of them, i think this one in charcoal & my self portrait in pencil, but my art teacher says you should never put the photo & the picture you drew from the photo together in your sketchbook.
thank you for the lovely responses to my last post, i really wasn't expecting such a good reaction to my photos, it meant such a lot. i may even post more of my art stuff in future! (:


  1. Great job on the Beatles re-creation!
    Surely you dont need their permission, you took the photo and own the rights to it?

    Have a great weekend you!

  2. thank you! :D
    you have a good weekend too lovely.

  3. thank youuu!
    that's what i was going for :D


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