Saturday, 6 March 2010

getting my mojo back.

todayyyy i went to town on my own to buy some books for my english literature course, & a couple i've been wanting to read for a while now. frankly, i was a bit disappointed with the selection the shops had - i went to two & none of them had any of the three books i wanted most; john lennon by philip norman, why is john lennon wearing a skirt? by claire dowie & snow falling on cedars by david guterson.
i spent ages wandering around the biography section looking for the philip norman book, like seriously, they need to get fricking organised in there! i had no idea if they were ordered by author, the biography person, title, or anything! when i asked the guy at the desk where the book was, he said there was one in the music section downstairs. so i walked downstairs, THERE WAS NO MUSIC SECTION. grrrrr.
anyway, these are the books i did get.
alice walker - the colour purple
george orwell - animal farm, i LOVED 1984 so i know i'm going to like this.
susanna kaysen - girl, interrupted
JM forster - a room with a view
nick hornby - juliet, naked
vikas swarup - slumdog millionaire.
i'm really looking forward to reading these, if anyone out there has read & enjoyed them, i'd love to know (:
after getting frustrated in bookshops, i wandered down to the make & mend craft market where my friend emily of dolls & molls was working. she gave me these as a thank you for working with her at the vintage fair last month.
(yes, this is a bit of a beatley post)
some yellow submarine postcards, & two mojo magazines from about 10 years ago. one has a big 1965 feature with intervies from the who & the kinks, and the other one is about the beatles solo careers so far. that issue was released just after george harrison was diagnosed with cancer, & just before he died, it was really sad to read all the "get well soon" messages.
today i also wore my cameo headband for the first time, quite the premier occasion obviously.
i think this outfit can be a little overly cutesy, what with the pink, pearls, lace & whatnot, so clearly i had to punk it up a smidge with my vv brown tshirt (i'll give you a cookie if you know who she is) & turquoise skinny jeans, which aren't pictured.
here's the cameo a bit clearer (:


  1. yay books <3 love your hairband.

  2. yaaaay indeed!
    & thank you :D

  3. All those books look really good, I've been meaning to read animal farm for ages, should be good :) x

  4. they doooo indeed!
    me too, i LOVE george orwell (:

  5. Your bow is seriously incredible!!! Excellent reads BTW too! :)

  6. Wow, I love the bow! Very jealous! The books also look fabby! xxxx

  7. thank you! (:
    ahh i do hope the books are good!

  8. thank you so much!
    i am truly charmed ;D


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