Saturday, 27 March 2010

i speak because i can

last weekend, my pre-ordered copy of laura marling's new album & live dvd came in the post.
i've been looking forward to this for quite some time (like, ever since i heard her old album!) so i was extremely excited to listen to it.
it came in a very unique card box, & it also had a free poster which is of the same picture. i haven't put it up yet; i'm saving it a spot next to my vintage clash poster for when we move to the new house.
the cd & dvd cases.
i love how the illustrations are whimsical, yet so lovely & simple.
another nice surprise was the lyrics book it came with! i love how cute the coloured-in bits in the letters are.
close-up of one of my favourite songs on the album (you may recognise the quote from my "about me" section)
i listened to the album the old-school way; all the way through on a stereo. to me, it's really the only way you can properly listen to an album the first time, otherwise it makes less sense to m, & i don't feel like i fully understand it. i mean, the artists must have spent so long deciding on the order it would seem a waste to me to stick it on shuffle. especially as laura marling's songs often segue into each other.
it also came with some beautifully illustrated postcards (the one above is my favourite) which have codes one where i can "redeem some songs from laura's friends". i'm quite excited about this as she has some amazing folk musician friends, but i haven't had time to put all the codes in yet.
i've had quite a good weekend so far, it was my friend's birthday party yesterday night so we had a bit of a rave & a sleepover which was awesome. i might post some pictures from it later in the week - after my art exam on tuesday, eek!
oh, and i made a tumblr;
i would much appreciate it if you took a look, althought currently there's not much on it.


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