Thursday, 25 March 2010

reach out, i'll be there.

OH MY GOD, it feels like it's been FOREVER since my last post.
i do sincerely apologise, i have just had so much work to do over the past week; i had a mock spanish oral on monday (which sucked), a mock psychology exam yesterday (which went alright i think) & a mock english poetry exam today (which went better than expected)! so pleased that's over & i can get on to doing things that i actually like; like prep for my art exam & my friend's birthday party on friday/saturday (happy birthday kate!)
i was also busy on tuesday night, as i was at a motown concert - which was a-ma-zing!
there were 4 groups playing; the three degrees were first. this was an all female band who i'd actually never heard of before but were actually very good! i didn't get any pictures of them though sadly.
the next group was the drifters (yes, i know the photo is a bit sucky), who were really really good! i'd only heard under the boardwalk by them before, but i loved the set they played. also, you actually can't beat a good turn, clap, kick dance routine or two!
it completely slipped my mind to take any outfit pictures so i'm afraid you'll have to make do with my accidental shot of my foot during the interval.
the next band were the four tops, yay! there was only one original member left (the guy on the far right) but they were really quite brilliant. if you haven't heard of these guys, i suggest you check them out as they do some wonderful soul songs. also - they wore the cutest sparkly suits!
the headline act; the temptations!
aaaaaahhhh i love these guys; and their incredibly awesome purple suits! they even had purple shoes on.
(i actually hadn't realised until now, the guy's head in front of me is lit up rather nicely!)
they were just amazing, it really was a fantastic night.
i hope i will be back with a few more posts soon, but times are so unpredictable at the moment that i just can't be sure.


  1. It looks great, I love your accidental outfit post! It made me laugh :) x


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