Sunday, 14 March 2010

she's a good girl, loves her mama.

happy mother's day everyone! i hope there's lots of love around you all (:
(anyone who gets the song reference above, you are incredibly awesome)
yesterday, it was my friend's birthday celebrations (her actual birthday was the 6th) & we went out for a meal & a wander about town. i told myself i wasn't going to buy anything apart from files & file dividers.
yeaaah, that didn't really work out.
first i bought some socks & FINALLY a pair of heart tights, then i spotted the most looooovely dress i think i may have ever seen.
however, as it was £29 and i am actually quite broke (damn you ebay!), i walked off forlornly into dull, file-buying, being-without-a-darling-dress life.
BUT THEN when we were in topshop, i remembered my auntie is getting married soon & that this would possibly be the most perfect dress for a july wedding, so i quickly texted my dad to find out if i needed to wear a particular dress (because i was going to be a bridesmaid, but now i'm not as she's worried about the cost). but no, i didn't so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i bought it! (:
here it is in all its lovelyness.
i'm afraid the photos are a bit rubbish, cause the lighting in my room is awful & the timer on my camera for some reason wasn't working.
full lengthness.
if you can't quite see the dress properly, it's light lilac/pale blue flowered lace on top, over a pale pink satiny fabric. it's got a drop waist & a cut out in the back - which i was going to take a picture of, but you could totally see the back of my bra, i think some new underwear shopping is needed.
dove necklace, which i made.
i paired this dress with my pink vintage cardigan, which i thought went very well with it because of the lace flowers it has.
for some reason, i feel very alexa chung in this outfit.
i think for the wedding, i'll wear some white/cream/pale pink tights & maybe some blue/pink mary janes.
i've been wearing my hair tied up a lot lately, i actually quite like it! i used to hate having it tied back as i hated my ears, but i think if i pin the fringe & leave a little hanging down, it looks quite cute.


  1. yes! i like that outfit idea and btw, you have a rather adorable cardigan! :D

  2. Wow you look really gorgeous in this dress, the colour really suits you :)

  3. that is such a beautiful dress

  4. ahhh thank you everyone! (:
    & wooo! well done for getting the song right!


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