Saturday, 1 August 2009

jimi is my muse.

today i felt a tad inspired after i listened to my dad's jimi hendrix record (although he isn't a fan so i'm thinking of claiming ownership of it) & made a bit of jewellery. in fact, i was a whirlwind of activity & made rather a few pieces. i must have looked pretty happy working away as my brother was curious & asked to help. bless him, a lot of the time he annoys the hell out of me, but he can be rather sweet sometimes.
where the wee things are
when i was younger, i used to love where the wild things are, i can't wait to see the film adaptation. this little book was a craft thing i made when i was about 12 i think, i found it a while ago & decided it would look kinda cute as a pendant so i stuck a little gold sequin star on it and, well, there it is.
"these are just ghosts that broke my heart before i met you"
i think either my brother or i got this free in a kinder egg years ago. anyway, i think it looks pretty glamourous for a ghost.

"all of these emotions of mine keep holding me from giving my life, to a rainbow like you"
i never really make bracelets, but i like the whole string/wooden beads/naturalness of this.

"fly on, little wing"
the dove charm is from a hilariously mad charm necklace thing that my mum bought me as a joke when we were on holiday in greece. it had loads of mental scary-looking doll charms on it, but some (like this dove charm) were quite pretty so i dismantled it & put to what i think is quite good use.

"i be done seen 'bout everything when i see a elephant fly"
yes, i love dumbo.
i've been wanting to use this elephant charm ever since i saw it (a birthday present from my cousin) & had a little flash of inspiration after seeing some dumbo illustrations last week.
"your love is like a hand-me-down"
the hand charm on this pendant is from the same necklace as the dove necklace a few photos up, & the heart charm is from one of my bracelets which i got in a sale & pretty much instantly regretted as it fell to bits almost the minute i bought it. still, it was only £1 so what can you expect?
i've just realised that i seem to have some kind of compulsive need to describe everyyyy piece of jewellery i put up on here. i don't really know why i do this (and i'm sorry if it's irritating) but i guess i just like to tell the stories behind the pieces, in case people think they're rubbish or whatever.

i'm currently watching the first london episode of friends.
seriously, could i be any more in love with this show? (hell yes, that was a chandlerism!)
i love how overly english the guest stars seem compared to the american actors; richard branson, fergie, hugh laurie, whoever it is that plays emily. i think from now on i may make an effort to speak in a more posh way, cause i'm just so awesome like that.
also, i must get myself one of those joey hats - they really are just the epitome of cool.
oh, and happy august the first everybody! :)

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