Saturday, 8 August 2009

for the record

ahh i have had such a lovely day today!
went to a record fair with the mother this morning, which was fantastic! very cheap too, considering they were all originals.
i managed to get 5 records all for the very low sum of £26. i think that's pretty damn good myself.
i got the beatles' rubber soul album for £10, and it's in surprisingly good condition! there's a bit of a scratch over you won't see me and nowhere man which miiight not play, but i'll keep my fingers crossed & hope they'll work.
i also bought a double album of bob dylan's greatest hits for £5 which is in great condition, i can't wait to play it, loads of the songs i've never heard before - and i am also looking forward to hearing the original version of the mighty quinn!
my second £5 purchase was the kinks' sunny afternoon. i do like the davies brothers ratherrr a lot so hopefully it'll be a good album.
i was looking for something a bit earlier than that, so i went for buddy holly's greatest hits which looks pretty good. buddy holly is just lovely, and at £5 who could resist?!
my final purchase was rather different for me, i am an eric clapton fan but i haven't heard much of his stuff (i just stick to the unplugged album mostly) but when i stumbled on a stack of his albums for £1 each i wasn't going to ignore them. i went for money and cigarettes purely for the superficial reason that i liked the melting guitar on the record sleeve.
i wouuuld put up some pictures of them, but my computer is being slow & crappy so it will have to wait til a wee a bit laterrr.

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