Friday, 7 August 2009

new rediscoveries

over the past few days i've found a fair few things i love.
i rediscovered:
how much i love milkshakes.
and also 1950s americana diners.
photo courtesy of my good friend joanna:
sadly my ludicrous facial expression spoils the picture a bit, i think i was struggling to keep a straight face & then laughed like a bloody kookaburra just as she took the picture.
you really cannot take me anywhere.

how cool will smith is.
saw this in oxfam for 50p so obviously i had to buy it.

how fun it can be to play guitar standing up.
my dad gave me his old fender guitar strap so i thought i'd give it a go.
for some reason it makes me feel like a proper guitaristy person, a folk one. god knows why a folk one, maybe just because i had laura marling on at the time.

how awesome it is to look like a busker.
i am seriously considering doing a bit of busking. although the only song i can do is blowin' in the wind by mr bob dylan. good song, but that would get wearing after a while.
also, i think it's a pretty fantastic accessory. goes with my outfit toooo.

how fun it is to wear heels for absolutely no reason at all.
just because it's nice to wear heels sometimes.
and it made playing guitar standing up quite an experience.
how uplifting bruce springsteen & john mayer songs can be.
when you're stuck in the house all day, & the weather's too unpredictable outside, stick a bit of bruce or john on & the day just feels brighter.
my personal favourites are:
for bruce - darkness on the edge of town, if i should fall behind, thunder road, born to run.
and for john - bigger than my body, love song for no-one, i'm gonna find another you.
how much i love cutting pictures out of magazines & newspapers & blu-tacking them to the wardrobe.
just so i can look at unobtainable & beautiful things from my bed.
the left side is the pretty pictures/funny things/inspiration side, and the right is my muuuusic side. probably could do with a zoom in on this thing, but i'm afraid i don't know how to do that.

how frustrating & annoying music theory is.
studying for my grade 1 & 2 music theory exams for guitar. the most tedious & confusing thing possibly ever.
and finally: how funny my brother can be sometimes.
that's a hat that he made in school.
i just found this photo on my camera from the other night, i got back home from john mayer night & he was just sat there watching tv wearing it!
possibly the funniest thing i have ever seen.

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