Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ahoy there!

okay, so i have a slight obsession with all things nautical.
stripes, anchors, red & blue, basically anything related to the sailing.
i don't really know why, i just think it's quite an iconic style & it always crops up in s/s every year so i may as well embrace it.
anyway, i was doing a bit of shopping online today and i came across this beauty on
*high pitched squeal of excitement*
how bloody gorgeous is that?!
i am seriously in love with this shoe, and i'm fairly sure the other left one is just as amazing.
it looks like a boat! aaaaahhhh so cute!
for the past 20 minutes i've been thinking of what i have in my wardrobe that would go with these works of art & whether i have enough to justify buying them.
irregular choice is now my faaaaavourite shoe shop ever.

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