Wednesday, 19 August 2009

gravity is working against me

today i had an extraordinarily terrifying experience today at go ape - an outdoorsy, up-in-the-trees exploration thingy.
i hadn't realised just how scared of heights i was until i got up there :
in fact, at the end i actually broke down in tears. i don't know whether that was from relief or sheer terror, or perhaps some mixture of the two.
anyway, here are some of the obstacles i managed to take pictures of when i'd stopped shaking.
the barrels which we had to crawl through


see? look how high up we were!
and this wasn't even the highest point!

that's my brother clinging to the net after the "tarzan swing" - which was the scariest part, except for all the rickety ladders.

i took this photo after my go on the tarzan swing (which is basically just a rope which you attach yourself onto, let go & swing across with no visible means of support).

i cannot tell you how happy i was to see this sign!

my certificate :)
when i got home, i was still shaking quite a lot (and literally could not stop weeping) so i had a nice long hot shower & i listened to gravity by john mayer - which has never felt more appropriate!

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