Monday, 17 August 2009


i saw coco avant chanel today.
quite possibly the best film i have ever seen.
audrey tautou was simply amazing as gabrielle (coco) chanel, and pretty stunning too.
i absolutely adored all of the outfits, and seeing their progression.
this was my favourite outfit.
i also loved that the final scene (which this photo is from) was filmed in coco chanel's actual apartment.

this was another of my favourite outfits. got to love those sequins.
also, the moustachioued man is rather dishy :)


  1. I should make a note to try and see this film.It's funny I bought a jacket that reminded me of Chanel's jackets yesterday and thought it was the ultimate chic!

  2. oh you should, it is simply fantastic!
    i would love a chanel-style jacket, they are so iconic.


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