Wednesday, 12 August 2009

multicolored loveliness

ahh lazy oaf, how i love your amazing bangles by steven stein.
these are quite frankly beauuuuutiful!
i love the bright block colours, the glitter, the contrast, aaahhh they are just so lovely.
this brightly coloured piece of gorgeousness is my favourite.

sadly i don't really suit bangles or i'd start saving up for one right now, but i do love the way they've styled these with the plain white lace dress.
also, the model's hair is awesome! very blain harrison from the mystery jets, i wish i could have hair like that.

i'm also craaaaaving one of lazy oaf's glasses necklaces
nerd or deirdre barlow, i can't decide.

this is going to be my last post for a wee while, i'm off to the dales of yorkshire for a couple of days to visit my cousin but i shall be back soon i hope.

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