Saturday, 15 August 2009

rhythms del mundo.

quite looking forward to checking this new rhythms del mundo album out.
i listened to the kooks version of elton john's are you ready for love on youtube and it's surprisingly good.
other tracks that i'm looking forward to hearing are:
imagine by jack johnson. i absolutley adore the john lennon original & jack johnson is one of my favourite artists ever, surely this can only be a good thing?
walk on the wild side by editors. i can't quite imagine this one, but it could be pretty interesting.
i heard it throught the grapevine by kaiser chiefs. hmmmm, i don't really like the kaiser chiefs & i do hope they haven't murdered this one.
satisfaction by cat power. i've heard good things about this band so fingers crossed it's a good version.
under the boardwalk by the rolling stones. this could be pretty interesting with an RDM twist.
because the night by kt tunstall. an absolute classic written by mr bruce springsteen, hope kt does it well.
beat it by fall out boy & john mayer. john is a frigging babe so anything with his voice on is going to be good, even though i think fall out boy are on the wrong side of awful.
and finally purple haze by RDM themselves. jimi is pretty much my messiah so this better be good.

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