Monday, 10 August 2009

i got soul.

it's been absolutely dreadful weather today, so i thought i'd stay inside & take some photos of my lovely records.
i'm not really the greatest as photography, it's not really my thing if truth be told. i love looking at photos that other people have taken but i just can't take particularly nice ones myself.
this is me looking rather pleased with myself avec the rubber soul record. well, i think that's what the expression on my face is. i was trying to take a good picture & i think my face got a bit screwed up with the concentration of it all, which explains the grimace. see what i mean about the crap picture taking? also, i cut a bit of paul off, which is a shame.
i love this record so much. i haven't had a chance to play it yet because my record player lives at my dad's house (and i haven't been there in a while) but i really cannot wait. i'm pretty sure it's an original one from 1965, that's when it says it was printed anyways.

my records!
from left to right it's; bob dylan, buddy holly, eric clapton & the kinks with the beatles in the middle.
i have to say, i have a bit of a weird addiction to smelling record sleeves. i know that sounds unbelieveably odd but it's just the old papery smell, kind of like second hand books.
the eric one was unbelievably cheap, it was only £1! the man on the stall said he had to get rid of all his records really quickly because he had a baby on the way and needed the space.
frankly, that made me wonder how many records he actually had.

this message was on the back of the kinks record.
i think it's really sweet, and it kind of makes me feel like i'm sharing some part of their history now, it makes me wonder why linda got rid of the record & whether her & alistair are still together.
or maybe i'm over-thinking things too much.


  1. Nice!
    Adore anything vintage...the cover is so cool!
    Hope you can listen to it soon~

  2. me too, vintage is just lovely.
    thank you, so do i!


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