Sunday, 5 July 2009

waiting on a sunny day.

as an explanation to the title of this post, i can only say that i've had that certain bruce springsteen song going round & round in my head today & i thought it was pretty appropriate as it's been quite dreadful weather today. i've also recently rediscovered my obsession with & have discovered quite a lot of good music today. i also found out gavin degraw has the same birthday as me which i must admit made me quite chirpy (:
i made some jewellery aussi.
originally i was only going to make one necklace today (a john mayer themed one for joanna) but i was kind of bored & had nothing else to do.

key earrings. the keys are from the props from my mum's old dollhouse.
"took my by surprise
that a man once made a key
to open her dark heart
he broke apart what was once in love"
strawberry milk carton necklace. this is a label from a purse (which looks exactly like the picture) i got for my birthday this year. i think this necklace is really rather cute but i don't know if it's really my kind of thing so i may try & sell it, although i'm not sure yet.
"let me take you down
cause i'm going to
strawberry fields"
joanna, if you're reading this & you don't want to know what your present looks like look away now!


"gravity, stay the hell away from me
and gravity, has taken better men than me
now how can that be?
just keep me where the light is"


    i love love love love love it!

  2. eeeep!
    i am glad!
    nooo problemo :)


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