Wednesday, 29 July 2009

bon voyage

i am, i have to say, more than slightly addicted to gilmore girls.
the last ever episode was on tv today & i had a really nice time watching that, it was sad but it made me feel all happy & stuff.
i know i know, i'm such a dork B)
but seriously, if you've never watched it, you should! or at least imdb it.
it started off my day pretty well actually.
after gilmore girls, my mum & i made some houmous which actually turned out pretty good!
and i learnt a few things too, like always put the lid on the blender before you turn it on.
a photo of our lovely houmous:

yes alright, it doesn't look all that appetising. but it was really nice! made me feel all healthy too, which i really need to feel more as i didn't really pay much attention to the doctor's orders =S

also, the weather perked up a little bit before (and then it rained buckets!) so i decided, briefly, to break out the summer clothes.

vest: h&m. i love this top, you can't really see on the photo, but it has little black hearts on it.

skirt: topshop. i looooove this skirt! had my eye on it for ages but it was too expensive, then i finally bought it last week in the sales. the zip is a bit dodgy, but i love the floaty sticky-outyness of it.

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