Sunday, 12 July 2009

my sister's keeper.

today was a good day.
i went to see my sister's keeper, which was a truly lovely & very moving film. i think i'm actually going to have to read the book now.
*mental note to self - read my sister's keeper by jodi picoult*
i also got a very nice present off joanna as kind of a trade for the john mayer necklace i made her. glad you like it joanna! :)
anyways, the present was very awesome, an envelope of photos of my favouritest musicy people!
there were 2 bruce springsteen pictures. swooon! bruce is a serious babe.
an absent elk photo - with the bassist i hugged!
the koooooks! gotta love those guys.
orlando weeks. lovely, just lovely.
tommy reilly! i have quite a thing for this guy.
john mayer, obviously.
and, of course, harry from mcfly.
the pressure is now on for some jewellery to be made, watch this space.
hahaa! i have always wanted to say that! i'm such a dork B)


the wrote and the writ.