Thursday, 30 July 2009

am i blue?

i wasn't really feeling down today until about 20 minutes ago.
while trying to sort a (silly) argument out, i seem to have made it worse, although i'm not really sure how, sometimes people can just be a bit difficult & not willing to admit their wrongness. it is frustrating when people are like that though, & get angry for no reason, it's just daft & no one should have to put up with it. it's just plain rude not to reply when somebody makes the effort to sort an issue out.
things to cheer myself up with:
1) music. i'm thinking eddie cochran, buddy holly, jack johnson, maybe a bit of jimi hendrix. something with an upbeat cheery guitar anyways.
2) a bit of online browsing. seeing nice clothes always makes me happy, shallow as that may seem, and at the moment i'm quite addicted to ebay.
3) food. i can't really be bothered to get up at the moment, but when i can i will go & get some chocolatey sustenance.
4) positive thinking. quite an obvious solution really, but it's quite hard to do. it can be so easy to just get lost in a bad situation & get upset & angry, but it's good to remember that things won't always be this way & they will get better.
5) laughing. it's thursday, which means it's comedy night. mock the week followed by a bit of reaper, & then possibly the loop (i've seen it advertised, & it looks rather hilarious) should get rid of unhappiness.
sorry, for such a blue post but - in the words of eddie - i'm having a bit of a nervous breakdown.


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