Tuesday, 30 June 2009

eternal sunshine.

today has been a rather up and down day. in fact, the whole week has been.
i had school this morning which was utterly pointless, but on the plus side it was the last time i will ever have to wear that hideous polyester jumper. rejoicing time!
the rest of the week has been pretty good, i spent most of the time watching glastonbury. which i have to say was bloody amazing, i so wish i could've been there! the best act for me was most definitely bruce springsteen - i actually stayed up to watch his entire performance & he was so good! seriously, that man can play some serious tunage. and it does help that he's pretty damn hot (yes, even for a 59 year old).

anyway, after school i went home & watched one tree hill & gilmore girls (which i must say i am rather addicted to). finally, FINALLY, i can use the phrase i saw on scrubs that i have been waiting to use for absolutely aaaages: i am so mad at lorelai i can't even talk right now.
if you watch either (or both) programmes you will understand. if not, tough luck.
i also listened to some of my dad's records (jimi hendrix, david bowie & elvis costello) & played a bit of guitar. i've started learning my pieces for grade 1 but it's a bit tedious at the mo, because a) i am crap and b) it's a tad tiring playing the same things over and over again. my theory book came in the post today though so that's something.
while watching hollyoaks, i made a necklace (as is my general thing to do when bored). i found a picture in the tv guide the other day (yes i know, i am so sophisticated) of a still from my favourite film of all time: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. if you haven't seen this film you won't get the "meet me in montauk" reference. and the only thing i say to that is watch the film! believe me it is worth is, michel gondry is a really amazing director & the story is just beautiful.

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  1. aaaah bruce what a babe!
    and once again
    you do not know your amazing skillfullness with jewelry making!


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