Sunday, 19 July 2009

blue suburban skies.

just got back from liverpool on friday from my beatles pilgrimage.
(yes, i'm an addict and i am not ashamed to admit it.)
i had the most AMAZING time ever! seriously it was just fantastic, i stayed in the hard day's night hotel & went on 2 beatles tours; the magical mystery tour & another tour where we actually went inside john lennon & paul mccartney's childhood houses. i cannot believe i've actually been there, it was just so cool! and bob dylan was there 3 weeks ago, EEK!
anyway, i think i bought a few too many things. as i inevitably always do. but they were pretty damn awesome things! i'll stick a few pictures of them up in a bit, there's some which i may transform into some jewellery - specifically my souvenir penny (yes, i am just that cool).
in the mean time, here's a few shots from the tours:
mendips, menlove avenue
john lennon's house
20 forthlin road
paul mccartney's house

george harrison's house.

ringo starr's house
(it's the white one)

brian epstein's house

the hard day's night hotel!

me looking at the cavern wall

penny lane!

strawberry field.

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