Wednesday, 22 July 2009

retail therapy.

today was kind of a rough day; this morning was the funeral of a friend of a friend & her father (RIP) and then when my brother got home he told me that the art teacher at his school, who was my tutor & art teacher for my last year at the school & a lovely woman, died this morning from a brain tumour.
sorry, i know that's pretty damn depressing for the start of a post, but there is a point to this.
being in hexham abbey today at the memorial service kind of made me wish i was religious, or at least had some faith. i wish i could have such a strong, unshakeable belief in something like heaven or the afterlife (whatever you think happens afterwards). actually, i think i may try a bit more & find out about different faiths; buddhism seems more me at the moment as i've been trying a bit of meditation recently. i have no idea if i'm doing it right, but it's very peaceful.
although, one of the main things in buddhism is no material possessions, and hard as i try i highly doubt i could do that. you see, sometimes people just need nice things to make themselves feel better - this is where the more cheery aspect (hopefully!) of this post comes in.
retail therapy.
those two words can do so much.
on monday, i went out with 2 good friends (whose blogs you should totally follow by the way *shameless plug which i am actually okay with because those girls are awesome*) & bought some nice things without actually spending any money - gift vouchers btw, i ain't a thief.
i got a skirt which i have been coveting for ages in the sale (photos maybe to follow), & some rather groovy underwear (photos not to follow! all i will say is the wombles, mr men & wonder woman) from topshop, & i also bought some bloody brilliant CDs from HMV - bruce springsteen & bob dylan.
those guys are basically my gods.
(them and john mayer, jimi hendrix and the beatles of course)
to carry on the retail therapy (but from more of a window shopping aspect, if it's possible to do that online), today i've been doing a bit of bloghopping (yes, it's totally a word) & discovered some amazingly cute shops.
the first is a jewellery website.
yes, i KNOW i'm addicted to jewellery websites, but this one was just so adorable & kitschy i could not resist.
i think it's so vintagey & cute, i really adore jewellery like this!
this is just a smidge of some of their awesomely lovely stuff:

going clockwise from the top left: be on your merry way carousel necklace, drip drip drop little april showers earrings, letter to my love necklace, summertime valentine eiffel tower necklace, a grand day out bicycle necklace, under lock & key eccentric edition.

the other website i found is more of an arty website called it's got loads of really cute crafts & things on it, i especially love the vintage paper pack ( and the bows ( god help me, i love bows.

anyway, i hope that cheers everyone up a bit :)

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