Tuesday, 7 July 2009

summertime blues.

i've had a seriously boring day today.
even though across the world it's been a pretty big day; it was ringo starr's 69th birthday & also michael jackson's funeral.
but i have had a little case of the summertime blues (which is a very good song by eddie cochran).
or maybe it's just boredom, who knows.
today i was struck by the fact that my family are possibly the most amusing creatures on the face of the planet.
i've just witnessed my brother try & get the coins that are trapped in the bottom of his trousers by jumping up and down and writhing on the floor.
i also watched him & my dad have an argument about whether apple white (the colour of the walls in our conservatory) is more green or more white.
oh lordy, they're now continuing their fight with a rolled up motorbike magazine. i tell you, living with men is an interesting experience.
to cure my boredom a bit (or at least attempt to) i made some more jewellery.
i seem to be doing this quite a lot of late.
it's all over now, baby blue.

purple haze all in my brain, lately things just don't seem the same, not that funny but i don't know why, excuse me while i kiss the sky.

i'd give her my heart, but she wanted my soul, but don't think twice, it's alright.

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